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social change

Creative Director


As our spheres and lives have gotten smaller and more confined, we have developed new perspectives and appreciation for the things and people that are near to us, the people at the heart and soul of our neighborhoods, our towns, our communities and our local businesses.  The pandemic has provided a moment of pause, an opportunity for us to bring our communities closer together.  We cannot waste this moment, we cannot return to “business as usual”— we need a solution to keep these businesses at the heart and soul of our communities. Introducing… Sidewalk THE online platform that allows local retailers to join together to unite shoppers as a connected community

Sidewalk makes to make it easier for people to do what they say they want to do– to shop local…to shop where they matter.

Creative Strategist

One Another

Together with my thesis team from SVA Masters in Branding we created a social movement concept called “One Another” supporting by Dr. Ilene Feinman and Debbie Milman. We see that xenophobia has become a huge issue in our culture. To clarify, xenophobia is the prejudice against, and fear of, the other. In this case, the Asian community. In hoping this non-profit organization would make a difference. There would be social media and two-color flyers. We know in this current situation many people are limited to how and where they see media. The flyers will be posted up in local communities and near essential businesses. 

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