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Becoming @thewindowstories

This is the story… of The Window Stories. In March 2020, New York City. We were told to stay home. Isolation was the best thing to do. Stay home, save lives. My name is Mai. Growing up with another 4 siblings, I’ve always tried to be around people as my worst fear is to be lock in a home - ALONE. 

But there I was. Staying home - ALONE.

My very first thought of the quarantine was ‘I will definitely end up being Tom Hanks from the Cast Away movie’, Where is my Wilson? What would I do? The reality wasn’t so bad though. There were lights… from the windows. Now, if I would be looking at the same view everyday I would be so bored. What if we could make a little something comes to live with little tweaks.

At any time of day, I would grab a marker and draw any ideas that comes to mind. Not only imagining ideas but to connect with the world with the ones that happened and the ones that did not. This 100 days taught me to look at things in different ways at my darkest time. It challenged me to be creative and so can you. “Creativity can solve almost any problem — the creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything” - George Lois

The window stories is running on Instagram. There are so many things I want to share with the world and it would be great if you can see it with me. You can follow my work @thewindowstories

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