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Brand Strategist

Tia Hong Sing

My grandfather immigrated to Thailand from China and started a business selling tires in 1965. Tia Hong Sing became one of the largest tire distributors in the country. To continue to set itself apart from competitors, Tia Hong Sing needed a modern brand identity. 


Built a new brand extension, collaborating with LAZADA, Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platform to boost sales for passenger car tyres and auto tools called Tyre & Tool.

Keeping Tia Hong Sing as our company name, I created a consumer-facing brand and customer service extension line called Tyre Solutions. I streamlined operations, upgraded our safety system, and managed a team of 30. I was also responsible for all brand communications, from letterheads to advertising. 


As a result of these strategic efforts, Tyre Solutions gained a number of well-known national and international logistic clients like DHL, Nippon Express, and Air Liquide.


Tia Hong Sing was one of the first tire distributors in Thailand to brand itself, and was recognized by Michelin and Bridgestones as the best in the country.


Brand Strategist


Pulse is a start-up fitness studio located at the heart of Bangkok city in 2019. The brand needed to be built from the ground up. The challenge was to create a brand new mindset of EMS training exercise to an innovative experience. 

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