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Campaign-Lead Creative Strategist

The EM District x

Team Farang

The Mall, Thailand’s largest billion dollar retail chain mall operator launched a new shopping complex called

“The EM District” intended to appeal to a younger demographic, elevating the ordinary mall experience into one that is based on community and lifestyle.


Traditional promotional campaigns like mall-wide sales and discount vouchers were not attracting the younger market. Existing marketing communications appealed mostly to mothers and older consumers. 


As an industry leader in Thailand, The Mall Group had the opportunity to change consumer perception of what shopping malls are with The Em District. To electrify the shopping experience and draw attention, I launched a campaign partnering with Team Farang, a free-running group with a strong social media presence.


As a guerilla activation, Team Farang spent one day running around The Em District: jumping three stories to the top of the elevator, walking on the edge of the mall’s balcony, interacting with shoppers, and performing unbelievable stunts. The shopping mall was their playground, and the message for the consumer was that it could be theirs, too.


This was also captured on video, giving viewers an interactive and entertaining tour of the shopping complex in a brand new way. The videos received millions of video views on social media and made headlines in Thairath, the top broadsheet in Thailand.


Creative Strategist, Operations Executive


To connect the disconnected, #ifeel... campaign was the largest mapping in Thailand. We had booth for customers to take their photos, upload to the #ifeel... installation and yet to the building of The EM District.


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