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Explore ways for the Uber brand to stand for women's safety. Framing women who travel at night with rideshares.


The women who ride and drive Uber are a force of nature. We work late and we party later. We moved to big cities because the burbs were too restrictive. We like that we can walk around our neighborhoods at any time, day or night, and feel totally safe.


We splurge on poke bowls on payday and eat peanut butter out of the jar at home.We text our friends across the country on lunch breaks. We call our parents on Sundays. We promise ourselves we’ll get a dog when we move into a bigger apartment.


We’re women who support other women. We march for what we believe in. We pick each other up off the floor after breakups and cheer on our friends until the ends of the earth.

Above all, we have each others backs—and back seats.


We are batwomen. We are night owls. We’re not taking back the night. The night was always ours. Bring it on.

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